Every blog site has the pressure of having to keep up with today's standard of bottled gossip, consistent reviews and video content that creates a viral presence. Don't get us wrong! This is TONS of work, and those that do it spend a lot of money, time and skillsets on making it work. That workload is no joke at all.

But when we started BootSlap back in 2010, we didn't want to really follow that common trend. What we found is that it took that turn because of the requests from artists and the indie music community to provide resources in order to promote their work to the world. We amassed some pretty good monthly numbers, had some pretty dope reviews, and we met some pretty cool ass artists and business minded people that taught us a lot about what we were even doing. It opened the door to a whole world that we hadn't even thought of.

With that revelation and journey came our own realization that our strength was in 3 main areas. These areas are as follows:

  1. Our ability to break down work and present a pretty great analytical approach to reviewing music.
  2. The direct approach we had to writing editorials and commentaries.
  3. Our keen sense of curation that has featured some artists that have made absolutely stunning moves since we featured them.

We found our own recipe to curating content that seemed to work on various levels, and now is the time we start focusing more on that road.

What does that mean to users?

Well, to start off, all the old content will be archived and will stay at the links they have been for future reference. We feel this is important, especially for artists who are still linking to this content as part of their media packages. We will always have that mindset toward the indie community.

What will change is the look of the site and the type of content we create. We will be focusing on more commentaries, editorials and curated features we feel should be put front and center. Our approach for the next few years will be focused on EXCLUSIVE coverage of various topics, ideas and signature features.

Artists, feel free to submit your music still, but we will not be posting hardly as much as we have in the past. However, that means if you get a feature from us (#1) you don't have to pay for it, and (#2) it was picked out of an already large stack of submissions and it stands out.

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for BootSlap 3.0 dropping 2017.