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Mixtape & Album Review

Mixtape & Album Review

Album Review: The Rukus - The Patience Project

Friday, November 11, 2011
Tampa has a host of talented individuals and crews that bless its Hip Hop scene, but few that have the unique blend of sounds that The Rukus brings to the table.

Artist(s): The Rukus
Mixtape: The Patience Project (2011)

Overall Rating:

Tampa has a host of talented individuals and crews that bless its Hip Hop scene, but few that have the unique blend of sounds that The Rukus brings to the table. Made up of KeithElite, Rude and DJ Blenda; this trio has released their latest project titled, THE PATIENCE PROJECT; which featured a blend of original production, DJ cuts and features from some notable artists.

Starting off the project, they definitely show a lot of love and get all the shouts out of the way in track one. Many of Tampa's artists, DJ's and promoters will find their names on that long list of shout outs and then off to the music it goes.

With a strong message on "The Break's Over," The Rukus expresses their feelings about the current state of artistry today, and their current contribution to lyricism and substance in music. While the mix is not what it probably should have been, the production and lyrics definitely make up for it. This resonates throughout the project, but there were definitely some tracks worth a serious recommendation.

Tracks like "Days Fly By," featuring Geno and Sen-C give a great nostalgic feel with relevant content on how life moves so quickly by. "The Banger," featuring Mike Mass and Dynasty is by far one of the best tracks on the project. It is worth some mention that Mike Mass' verse was probably one of the strongest on this track and contributed to its feel in a considerable way.

One of their single tracks currently being pushed, "A Song for the People" could best be described as pure quality music. This track definitely epitomized the concept of making music and not just Rap. The feel of this song is inspiring and moving at the same time. "Amazin'" was by far the best track on the whole project, featuring the strong content of Jinx and E-Digga; it could possibly snap the rewind button and make a few listeners make use of their warranty services.

Just like every project, there were some down sides to this project as well. Overall, the mixes on the tracks are what hurt the ratings a bit. Tracks like "Where We At Now" and "Hands High" could have used a bit more balancing between vocal and beat frequencies on the EQ. "Too Easy," though picking up after the first verse did not begin strong enough. Additionally, the closing track, "Show's Over" was actually a great track, but probably was not the strongest end to the project even though it was intended for this very purpose.

Overall, this album is a must have for those individuals who enjoy something different, but VERY MUCH culture music. The features are strong, the production definitely exemplifies quality - but the mixes will need to be better on the next project. If they can make that happen; there's no denying this team will push ahead in the coming years with some epic music.

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