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We have all heard the phrase, "levels to this," right? Insert the ILLUMINATI REJECT project to that sentence and walk away. This project is probably one the strongest ones to meet our review gauntlet.
From the very beginning, it became clear why so many people enjoy hearing his music, and why he might fling fans off his stage as seen on various YouTube videos.
There are rarely groups that truly go outside of the box to deliver some good music mixed with great comedy AND dope production. This is definitely one of THOSE kind of projects.
With the cover art of William Cooper's "Behold a Pale Horse," and titled, FIELD VISION, A-M-P makes it clear that his art is more than just rap music.
Every so often there comes an artist who projects a very sociable personality that is both authoritative and friendly. Infinite Skillz is one of those types of artists, and he accurately titled his mixtape, "You're All Invited."
In an age where jackin' for beats is the normal part of the journey; there comes the inevitable throwback mixtape that will take that concept and turn it into an ingenious piece of work.
It's not often you get a well-rounded artist who can deliver on differing styles of music with the same energy and quality as that which makes them most comfortable. J-Scriptz is one of those kinds of artists.
Without a doubt, Cambatta has been a boot slap favorite for a while with good reason. His ability to weave random mental pictures with insightful messages makes him one of the more respected emcees.
From "Bump This" to "Bail My Mind," this mixtape motivates a person to put up the house and cards for the game, so to speak. The feelings of nostalgia quickly rush to any listener that remembers the golden age NYS mind state sound of Nas.
So, we decided to peep out Kembe X's new joint titled SELF RULE for a 2nd Round review. Most times, artists have a hard enough time getting just a few good songs in ONE project; much less a group of successive projects that show TRUE growth.
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