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Here goes more useful informations about the Music Business. This E-Mail is about Publicity & Promotions and i know it might look boring to you to read all these long articles but the more you will know, the less money you will loose so please read this article to the end.
There are two general rights covered in a music copyright: the authorship of a song and the ownership of a song. According to Copyright Law, the writer is the natural owner of every song they write until ownership is assigned to someone else. Every song is made up of two equal parts; not the lyrics and the melody but the writer share and the publisher share.
Whether you are a promoter or an artist, the concept of Pay 2 Play affects everything in regards to shows and the business environment it cultivates as a result of ongoing practices. There are many angles to view the business model; and there are multiple benefits and drawbacks from both the implementation of Pay 2 Play as well as the absence of it.
Despite the growing number of artists that are paying to get on showcases and opening slots for major shows, there is still a large number of indie artists and like-minded business minds who believe the Pay 2 Play model is more damaging than it is helpful.
The most obvious person to benefit from P2P business models are promoters. They gain traction on their event by utilizing various outlets to increase awareness around the production. In addition, they gain the added value of outside fan-bases to introduce them to the overall brand of the production company.
The concept of covering costs and having hungry artists prove their ability to market themselves is not a new concept; but one that is quickly becoming normality among many promoters in various cities. Some artists and individuals strongly disagree with the model, so we'll explore the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the PAY 2 PLAY model.
Whether it's fashion, commercial TV programming or even a white house press meeting; Hip Hop has crept its way into every facet of life. Its influence is undeniable; though it lacks stable leadership and appropriate direction in terms of social responsibility.
While it's true that today's artists MUST network and build a true fan-base and web of contacts for business purposes; there is more to this business than simply showing up at events needlessly. When is it time to break free from the networking trap?
If we take over-saturation, bad ethics and minimal opportunities into consideration; the world of this music business looks a bit bleak. But is there some light at the end of our proverbial tunnel?
Too often, in this industry, we hear about the frauds and scams that happen. We hear about the stories of alluring deals, imaginative promotions and fake label reps that take people's money, promise them all the glory of success and then skip town just to dupe another unsuspecting victim.
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