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Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive Interviews

Friday, December 16, 2011 • Eric Gomez

So, we caught up with the infamous Larcen at the URUP showcase early November, and we got him to speak on his latest project, "Good Morning, Get Money," his future plans and some insight from him on the game overall. Peep our the first BSR Video Interview!

Monday, November 21, 2011 • Muneca

Breezy Says is a well-known female in the indie industry today. Working to make a name for herself and her affiliates, as well as picking up many followers on the way.

Breezy Says was born in Brazil, but raised in Deerfield Beach, FL. Later she re-located to Tampa, FL. Breezy Says is a well-known female in the indie industry today. Working to make a name for herself and her affiliates, as well as picking up many followers on the way.

When did you start the whole Breezy Says persona?

BreezySays: Breezy itself started when I was like 13 years old. I needed a nickname for a band. That's how it all got started. It was a longer nickname but as I got older, a little cooler, it got shortened down to Breezy. That's how the name started. The persona I guess came with the name. As I grew up and got smarter and a little more attitude was added to me, the name went with it.

As I read your bio, it states that you started blogging to keep yourself out of trouble. Now tell me a little bit about the life you had before you went full force with Music.

BreezySays: Before I just worked and then I went to school. Then on the weekends it was club 24/7 Like Thursday thru Saturday. Give me a club night and I was there. I wasn't doing anything else but school, work, and clubbing. Every once in awhile I threw church in there, and that was the life I was living. Before I decided that, I need to cut some things out, and do some better stuff with myself you know? I was gettin older and learning about life more, just trying to be a more mature person.

What do you have going on for the artists you work with?

BreezySays: Well currently I work with Triple P, and I also work with an entertainment group called Get Money Entertainment. I took them on. So a lot of people are not familiar with them yet, but there is an artist and he goes by the name of Dolla (that's his stage name). There is also a producer in their called Billy Cutlass. As far as my main artists which is Triple P and Dolla.. Basically I blast their mixtapes and songs makin ringtones. They have both been featured off of mixtapes in Germany as well as the US, Tampa, Miami, and New York. They are in rotation in a couple of Internet stations as well as some mainstream stations in NY. You know and this is what I do. I just started the business basically 2 months ago.

Tell me about your radio station. I know you have a bunch of them. Is it now an every day of the week show, right?

BreezySays: Well yea the way it works is it's a Breezy Says radio station, but we have different shows. And the reason why I brought more people in is because we now have a show every day of the week and I have a son so I can't be on the radio everyday. My girl's have jobs and they can't be on air everyday and I don't want to put that strain on them. And then Mimi who is VP of Breezy Says does live events in the surrounding areas so sometimes she can't even be on air. She has to be at different shows and venues. So what I did was I brought Aych and Wally Clark in. Basically Aych said how he wanted to try Internet radio so I asked him if he wanted to try out a slot. And his reaction was like "Hell Yeah!" Rosie, who is IP Music Group who is affiliated with Cool Running DJ's and Kingpin and all them, wanted to do a show on Saturday nights giving advice to indie artists. So I let her have that slot because I didn't want to do a show on the weekends because that's my time with my family. We also added a Jokes and Jams on Sunday which is run by a local comedian called Uncle Rod. What he does, is he plays a lot of oldies and he just jokes. If you never heard his show its just funny from beginning to end. And of course Tuesday thru Thursday it's Mimi, Poochi, and me. And our show, a lot of people that tune in say, "well you guys just talk" and I try to tell people that we are a blog talk radio. The other people like Aych; he plays a lot of music on his show. And that's probably the one show out the week where you're going to hear the most music. My show, we're a talk show. Like when we bring an artist we are going to talk to them unless it's a listening party like what we did for J'Nelle. We mostly try to interview the artists and get the most information out to the audience, in that 2 hr time frame and also play some of there music.

Let me know about the motivation behind you. When you were working with AZ1 Promotions, he did a piece called The Venus Spectrum and you were able to give a little insight on being a woman in a pre-dominantly based male environment. Tell me where does your motivation come from in being just a Jane of all trades?

BreezySays: Well the way I do it is basically I wasn't even supposed to get involved with the whole promo thing. Basically I show love to the people that show love to me and Suga Shack and Tripe P showed mad love to me and the girls, blastin us on their Hood Magazine database. Well he showed us the most love out of everyone else. So I said imma start blastin his stuff too. And it just so happened that he was lookin for someone who does what I do but on a legit basis. So I accepted the offer. As far as the business side I don't really advertise what I do. My thing is I just work. And if you see something that I do then that shows you that I'm doing my job. So that's how that started. A lot of people started hitting me up and some purchase small packages and others purchase big packages or continuous packages. Basically I just keep on pushin.

How did you get started with Aych? You were out here in Tampa at one point weren't you?

BreezySays: Yea I used to live in Tampa for about 8 years and I met Aych at Full Moon. I used to go to Full Moon all the time and he would host it. We weren't really cool because I was going thru my bitch stage at that time. (Laughs) And I kinda thought he was real cocky and standoffish. But we were really cordial and said Hi to one another. If I look like I got an attitude then maybe people wouldn't ask me stupid questions. (Laughs)

What made you pack up and move to a different continent?

BreezySays: I got in trouble with the law. Well it wasn't like I packed up and said I wanna move. It was more like Bitch you need to go. It's not cool and I was kinda pissed but I aint trippin it allowed me to get to where I am today. Luckily we already had houses and cars over here so it wasn't like I re-located to nothing. I went into a much better situation.

How do you feel about working from out there and expanding to out here? A lot of people want to be where you're at with expanding their reach to different countries, even just different states. You had done that so quickly and to be able to maintain that level of following you have is amazing. Of course that comes with a lot of jealousy and hatin but tell me how that has worked for you.

BreezySays: I like it. To be honest, I don't know if you remember but we (Muneca and Breezy) had a conversation on BBM about how far spread my reach is and I'm not there so I don't see it. And my girls like Mimi and Poochi aren't in Florida. We are everywhere and none of us really pay attention to what people say about Breezy Says. And I know I may have some people that really don't like me. But I don't have time to sit and worry about what they are saying. Cause like I said I have made contacts with people out in Germany and out in France. I also made contact with your boy out in Thailand. (Ant Jenkins aka EKORB) So it's like I just push. I knock on some doors and some doors just close right in my face and I keep it moving. I don't sit there and say well you a bitch cause you don't wanna fuck wit me.. NOOO I just keep knocking cause someone is going to open.

What's next for Miss Breezy Says?

BreezySays: My online radio station is now going to be 24/7. We also have the Music Money Mixtape Brazil coming with DJ Bankrupt. He was actually the one who gave me a 24 spot and basically just said I can say whatever I want and talk to whatever artist I want. I can't say no to that.

My artists are doing their thing too making new videos and shows. It's lookin like the end of this year beginning of next year a lot of things is going to happen.

I don't want to invest in anymore Tampa artists. I want to grow and have artists in different areas. It's just about growing.

What is this aintshit.biz?

BreezySays: Aintshit.biz is basically models management, but for normal women who are pretty. It's not just the thick models and the skinny models. It's the thick madams and the plus size. The everyday girl that just has that spark about her. I want to showcase that everyone is beautiful and you don't have to have that 44-inch ass to a 30-inch waist ratio. I got tired of people saying that so and so aint shit or that this girl aint shit. So YEA you right we aint shit, we aintshit.biz. And that's how that got started.

What would you say to those who are trying to push against the norm to be as recognized as you?

BreezySays: What I say to everyone that is trying to make it in this game is if you enjoy it and it doesn't feel like work to you then keep at it. Don't worry about the person that doesn't like you, don't worry about the no's and the cants, don't worry about doors closing, if they close knock on ten more, don't worry about location.. cause shit look where I'm at. Once you cut out all the BS a lot more doors will open. I don't know my reach. I don't know if I have more supporters or haters but I don't care. I like what I do. I wake up in the morning thinking I gotta update my blog. I gotta push my artist and I gotta call this DJ and hit up this person. At the end of the day I feel like I got a few more steps ahead and tomorrow we gon push a few more steps ahead. I say just keep pushing.

Breezy Says is a strong female role in this game. Definitely a Jane of all trades! This woman is an entrepreneur at its very best. Going from just your everyday, run of the mill female, who loves hip-hop, to one of the most well known women in the game. With so many projects coming out, Breezy Says seems to be un-stoppable. Definitely a figure to follow for updates on all the new and up-coming projects for 2012! Stay tuned! As Breezy would say "JUST KEEP PUSHIN!"

LINKS: BreezySays.com | AintShit.biz

Editors Note: Since the interview Breezy Says has now started representing Mr. Magic, formerly of No Limit Records.

She has also started to compile and distribute a mixtape series entitled Queen of Connections and Breakin Borders.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011 • Muneca

J'Nelle is one of those artists that you come across once in a blue moon that has true talent and a voice worth hearing. She brings that raw emotion to every song she creates. Truly talented and blessed with the ability to touch a soul; she uses this skill to reach even the most un-conventional ears.

J'Nelle is one of those artists that you come across once in a blue moon that has true talent and a voice worth hearing. She brings that raw emotion to every song she creates. Truly talented and blessed with the ability to touch a soul; she uses this skill to reach even the most un-conventional ears. She is definitely one woman whom I can say will touch many people in her journey with music. I had the amazing opportunity to sit and speak with her about her new album, "Forward Ever, Backward Never", being dropped September 23, 2011.

BSR: When did you first get your start with singing?

Well my mom says 3 and I say 4. When I was a little girl it was in church. I grew up in a church home and you know, I started singing with the choir. So that's when I really started singing.

BSR: Who is that one person out of everyone that you dream of collaborating with?

Wow. That's a whole bunch. Just one? Aw man I would have to say Chaka Khan. She influences me a lot just by the hair, the way she dresses, and the way she sings. I just love the way she carries herself when she is on stage. She moves on the stage gracefully. Chaka! That's my one person that I would love to collaborate with.

BSR: There are so many starving (if you will) artists out there trying to make it with their talents, what sets you apart from them and how do you get over the major obstacles?

It's typical and its cliché but you have to be yourself. I can't come in and try to imitate a Beyoncé or try to imitate a Chaka Khan. I have to find who I am inside and what can I bring to the table and what's going to set me apart from the other people. That's being you. Just because someone sings or raps about 22's on their ride doesn't mean that you have to do the same. You know what I'm saying? What outfit, what trend can I bring to the music industry that will make them be like "Yea wow that's such and such). So me being myself when I'm stage, me being myself when I'm wearing clothing or hair. That's the one thing that you need to learn to obtain before you get out to the music industry; in my opinion.

BSR: How are you able to juggle everything that you have going on? Church, Work, Singing?

Prioritization and I can't procrastinate. I used to procrastinate a lot but that would make me be under pressure and I would be stressed out. Just prioritization. If I know that I have a test for school, you know for a couple days I would study, study, and study. And then music, when I have that free time I would, work on my music and then I would get on Facebook and promote it. It's all about prioritization. I'm doing things in order. Which one goes first and which one can wait until the last minute? You know? So yea it's that one word, prioritization, that's how I do so much stuff at once. Oh and I also have a calendar, that's another important thing. I always have a calendar so I wouldn't be confused with dates. [Laughs] And when I am available to do something.

BSR: I know you are about to drop a new album here on the 23rd…So that's right around the corner.… What can you tell me about your collabs and the people you have worked with to make this album happen?

From the producers, I have great, great producers. The production that they sent me took me to another level because my niche is r-n-b and neo-soul. From the producer side I have Jay Mack. He sent me this techno beat, futuristic music, and I'm like oh my god what am I going to do with this? I told myself that I have to reach another element; I need to take myself out of the box and explore this. That's what I wanted to do with this project was to EXPLORE! I worked with producers out of Atlanta, GA. (Romell) I did a hip-hop beat. It's just exploring something basically different. I want people to look at me and say, "Wow she did that!" On the engineering side, I thank BullsEye Studios for sponsoring me with the recording. A lot of people came in and helped me with this project with sponsoring, engineering, mastering. But of course I had my roadblocks and stumbles throughout this project. It set me back a little bit because I had to post pone the release date 3 times because things weren't done in order. So it's been a journey and it still is a journey. I am still going through some stumbles but it's going to be great. I hope I can, no I will touch the souls and inspire someone to do whatever they want to do and that they can achieve their dreams.

BSR: Your songs are so empowering with such a STRONG voice! Where does that emotion come from?

That emotion comes from the year before, life experiences, and my friend's experiences. Some troubles that I have gone through, from being in bad relationships, and almost getting cancer. I write and I pray. When I'm on stage I like to show that what you're going through I am also going through. Or I went through it and I overcame it and I am just sharing my testimony. That's what it all is. That's where it comes from; my life experience. It comes from God taking me out those issues. From my mom and the influence she gives me. From things that I want and things on this Earth that we can change. Just the whole environment that's around me.

BSR: Honestly my personal favorite of yours is "Picky"! I absolutely love that song! Which song means the most to you and why on your album?

Oh man. Miss Muneca why you do this to me? [Laughs] Wow each song on this project has its own little influence on me. Can I pick 3? [Laughs] Well there are three sections on the album; the first section is about empowerment, second section is the love section, and third section is my becoming. Out of the first section I would choose "Picky". "Picky" because it brings a different vibe than what I usually do. It really shows my versatility and it really tells you the standard that I hold because a lot of guys'….well you know it doesn't necessarily have to be about guys. The whole concept behind the "Picky" song was that you have to hold standards in order to get to where you want to be; so that people can listen to and respect what you have to say. I chose the more typical one for a female because a lot of females think that you have to get a guy like this, or he has to be this way, and NO! You have to set standards so that when you bring him home to Mama; she can say "Wow I like him"! When I talk about no baggie jeans I am just explaining what I know that my Mama would approve of. So when we are walking down the street people are like "Wow now that's a power couple!"

For the love section, "One"! This song basically shows my love for God. He is my number one source. I don't care what nobody says he is my number one. The second song out of this is called "Sir Amazing". it was produced by Mike Mass. This brings out something eccentric and this is my Neo Soul side. It talks about my experience with a guy I have always liked but I was too shy to actually tell him. And he still doesn't know. [Laughs]

Under the third section I would have to choose "Life and Music". This is one of the songs I performed at King of the Stage. It shows that I bring my struggle, and pain. I cry, just like you cry and I want people to see that. That was produced by Romell from GA.

BSR: Who did you enjoy working with the most in this album?

Collaboration wise….writing… I would have to say Jus Henry. He took one of the songs on my album to another level and it's just his creativity. It's amazing what he did for the song. Style wise I would have to say King Henry James. He is a rapper and what he was saying and how he was in the studio. He really felt what he was saying.

BSR: You had the pleasure of working with some amazing producers; tell me about a few and the experiences.

Wow. The one that stood out the most was Jay Mack. He produced quite a few songs on my album. I would love to work with him again. He is so passionate. He was one of my mentors through out this journey of this album. He gave me advice. He is definitely the one I want to work with through out my career in music until I retire. Even though I don't plan on retiring. [Laughs] That's the one that stood out the most.

BSR: So what's next for Miss J'Nelle? What can we look forward too?

Of course the album, "Forward Ever, Backward Never" September 23, 2011. We are also throwing an album release party. I have a show in DC coming up in October at Howard University. I am going to the Apollo in October also in Harlem, NY. I am also working on a show in Europe for next year. I just thank God for these opportunities. Those are the plans. I will continue to collab and write beautiful music.

BSR: One last question…
You recently performed at Aych's King of the Stage and won the runner up position next to Suntin' Xtra… How do you feel about that?

[Laughs] I feel accomplished honestly. I did it the year before and I placed third. To have people and judges that listen to my music and see people who predominantly listen to rap hear me and as a female also in a male dominated competition and I was the only female. To even reach that far I felt accomplished, I feel like I did my job. Of course I wanted to win but I still got that respect. Afterwards people came up to me and spoke with me and made me cry because I did King of the Stage for them. To be able to pour my feelings out on stage was a great opportunity. I thank Aych for what he did and actually believing in me and for putting me in the show. It was a great experience. If I had to say something else about I, to the judges, you are judging a rapper and a singer and it was kind of different, but I'm not complaining. So it is what it is. Overall I feel good about it and it's something I accomplished.

BSR: So what do you want to tell me? Quotes? Anything to add?

I want to thank everyone that has helped me through this process. If it wasn't for you all and if it wasn't for the love of God; trust me this would not have been. To Bullseye Studios, the engineers and even you [Muneca], AZ1 "Jason". My mommy; she's the one who started this whole project honestly. Jay Mack, Big CJ, Trinity, TK Phresh, and a lot of people. I really want to thank everyone who contributed their time effort and money to make this project happen.

Quote: If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. There you have it! It's the truth and it's what I live by. My mom always says it.

J'nelle's, much anticipated; album, "Forward Ever, Backward Never" drops September 23, 2011. With every song, show, and emotion she paves the way for others to realize they can go for it too! She has this "Girl Power" way about her that makes her stand out in a crowd and in performances. With such an extreme voice, we all find ourselves captivated by they story telling in her lyrics. She brings that pain, that joy, and love in every note she sings. She is definitely a singer worth coming out and seeing. Be sure to get that album the moment it drops because it is definitely going to be EPIC!


Friday, August 5, 2011 • Muneca

The best way to describe this man is simply unique. From his lyrics to his swag he definitely leaves his mark in the independent hip-hop game.

Eghosa Igbinosun, better known as Ghos WryTer was born and raised here in Tampa, FL (Timberlane). The best way to describe this man is simply unique. From his lyrics to his swag he definitely leaves his mark in the independent hip-hop game. With his favorite line being "Pay attention and watch me" we have no choice but to follow his rise to the top!

I'm sitting here with Ghos and producer Wally Clark discussing the making of Ghos WryTer.

BSR: I gotta ask where did your name come from?

Eghosa Igbinosun means God's time is the best. Ghos WryTer came from my first name. My dad actually wanted to name me Paul and he's the African!

BSR: When did you first start rhyming?

Looks at Wally and asked, "What were we on the bus nigga?" I started when I was like 12, when I missed the bus back home; when I was listening to bone thugs. I didn't even know who Pac was. I was in and outta Tampa nigga.

BSR: What or who would you say is your biggest influence to date?

This nigga! (points at Wally Clark)

BSR: Where do you draw your inspiration for your songs?

My head. (laughs) I don't know…. real life! I write about what I have lived, what I have seen, and what I been through. I try to keep it 100.

BSR: Who do you consider to be your favorite artists?

Jay-Z, Eminem, Fab, Joe Budden, Dipset, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and Xzibit

BSR: What's playing in your car right now ?

Kendrick Lamar

BSR: What message are you putting out there with your music?

PAY ATTENTION AND WATCH ME! The message will come through if they pay attention and watch me.

BSR: If given the chance to collab with anyone who would it be?

D.J Premier. His beats are fuckin crazy. They make you wanna rap. No, they don't even make you wanna rap they make you wanna write. It aint a whole bunch of drops, synths, hand claps, chants and stanky leg shit like that … Oh my bad I ain't going no further.

BSR: Are there any past experiences that you draw from for your songs?

My father is African so I feel like I have to have something to say… I should have something to say because he taught me better. My mother passed when I was younger. She told me go forward with my music. Also going to prison and listening to the trash around me; listening to the radio. Wally made me start writing and he told me to stop bullshittin and start writing shit down."Imma start eatin niggas they ain't ready for me!"

BSR: What sets you apart from Tampa artists?

Fuckin look at me… listen to me.. What sets me apart from the niggas in Tampa? I don't even look like I'm from here. No disrespect to the Tampa artists but I'm not normal. I'm not the average Tampa artist.

BSR: What do you bring to the table that you feel others can't?

Versatility, Lyrics, Personality, Uniqueness and last but not least that mutha fuckin gangsta shit!

BSR: When you get on stage to perform, what are you giving to the crowd?

ME. This isn't no character. This isn't no thought up idea. This is me. Half the time I think about what imma do on stage but it always comes out different. This is me G-H-O-S . Tell your mom about it!

BSR: What makes you think you can hang with these Tampa artists.

Whose to say they not tryna hang with me ? I mean like REALLY? Should I really be controversial right now.. I mean come on now.. "I'm on it…My shoes match my shirt." I mean shouldn't they? Didn't your mom teach you that? Please don't beat me up when you see me in the club! (with the illest serious face) Because I can't fight! But nah… actual dudes that are born and raised in Tampa actually put it on.

BSR: How do you feel about the younger generation coming out now?

With the younger dudes it's our responsibility to show them to step up. My obstacles should be their stepping-stone. The world is run by dudes in the background. You don't really know who is running the world. We should be able to teach the newer generation how to step it up!

Ghos WryTer is a character and one to look out for. He definitely has a lot to say and has never been afraid to say it. I have been to a few of his performances and entertaining is an understatement for him. Ghos WrYter has made a name for himself with his lyrics alone. With lyrics such as "I'm swagged out/My dick in my hand/Rockin my flag proud" you can't help but notice the "I don't give a fuck" mentality. In my honest opinion the controversy and ad-libs alone keep me interested. Ghos WrTer is definitely an artist to pay attention to and watch. "Ask your mom about me" -Ghos WryTer
Friday, July 1, 2011 • Muneca

I like making people feel like I'm really talking to them. Like if you walk down the street and trip on a rock I'm going to walk down the street and trip on a rock too. I like to make people feel like we are going through this together.

Suntin' Xtra, definitely brings all that and more to the stage! Born and raised in Tampa, FL, David Hill knew that music was his passion. At 21, this young artist has grabbed and kept the attention of the south's hip-hop community. Seeing Suntin Xtra perform definitely gives you that "wow" factor. He has so much energy on stage; yet in person his humbled attitude is amazing. "I rather talk about what happened instead of what's going to happen!" Life experiences allows him to make hits such as "Cant stop fuckin wit ma nigga". His mixtape "Xtra Credit" gives you the very best of southern swag! Suntin Xtra is definitely a performer that is a MUST see! Be on the look for this young artist because he is closing in hard!

When did you first start rhyming?

The first time I started pushing my rapping skills was when I was 18 years old.

What or who would you say is your biggest influence to date?

Cassidy. I like his punch lines. I like how he makes people say ooo and ahh. I like the way people look at me when I rap. I like making people laugh. Ya'll gotta give them that WOW factor! Entertainment at its best!

Where do you draw your inspiration for your songs?

All my songs come from real life situations. People that I know, situations that they are in and situations that I have been in. I like making people feel like I'm really talking to them. Like if you walk down the street and trip on a rock I'm going to walk down the street and trip on a rock too. I like to make people feel like we are going through this together.

In your song "I can't stop fuckin with my nigga" who was your inspiration?

Lamont Mayfield people call him Lil Money, Bro Boy and Prophet.
That song was made for them.

What are some of your favorite artists?

I like Prophet, Young A.J, Tom G, B.O.B, 2 Pac, Chris Brown's "Beautiful People" and Plies.

What message are you putting out there with your music?

I was one of those kids who never said how I felt… I always held back. I used to play football and I held back from that too. But when I do music I feel like I can let it all out. For the kids I want them to know that they don't need to be scared to do or say stuff. I want them to know that they can do anything. Overall I can do this too nigga… I can do this too!

Who if any are you trying to collaborate with?

Iceberg. Because he sounds like he be chillin and down to earth. He sounds like the people I chill with. The way he talks, it sounds like me and my dawgs.

Are there any past experiences that you draw from for your songs?

I was in a car accident in 2006. The car flipped twice and we hit a pole. Like Cassidy. I had stitches all in my head. "4 stitches in my ear, 40 in my knuckle, 5 staples in my head". The front part of my head was all burned off and I wasn't wearin a seatbelt. The ambulance sat me down and I closed my eyes and I stood up and started pacing and rapping. The EMT's were telling me to sit down cause I had lost too much blood. I realized at that moment that I'm supposed to be here and imma do something while I'm here. Life is to short.

What sets you apart from all the artists in Tampa? What do you bring to the table that you feel others can't?

I think it's my energy, my stage performance, and my lyrics. LMAO I bring that energy, THE FIRE, I bring humbleness with the cockiness to the table. AKA TANG

When you get on stage to perform, what are you giving to the crowd? Tell me about all that energy!

When I get on stage you may not know it but I'm scared, I'm nervous. In one of my songs I say, if you aint gon show, show out aint no point in showin up. I wanna give you everything, I wanna make you come back. I be real considerate about the crowd. I wanna give a good performance! I don't want them thinking "oh man not another local rapper mad boring"

When I first saw you I thought that you would be just another cocky ass rapper and as surprised as I am your very humble! Where does that come from?

Me, being humble comes from the fear of not making it. Not making it to the top and not getting signed. What if I put my all into this and nothing happens? What now? I rather talk about what happened instead what's gon' to happen. That's why I am that humble, because there is always that fear of it not happenin. Not saying it won't happen but imma go HARD!.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years? Most rappers would say I would be on TV with a number one hit single la da dada.. but honestly I don't know…

Where do you WANT TO be… in 5 years?

I wanna be the number one featured artist. I wanna have 2 songs on 106th and Park (Numbers 3 and 7) and I wanna be financially stable. I don't want money to be a problem.

How do you feel about the older heads and competition in the hip hop game?

I feel like states come here like Atlanta. Tampa I don't like how it is. I understand how everyone wants to be the top dog of Tampa. It would be best for everyone to just come out and do it for the city. I feel like the old school rappers should come out and show the new school rappers how to do it. They don't know how to take good competition. We live right around the corner from each other there is no reason to be hot. I feel like you comin out here lookin for something, you gon get what you ask for. Niggas come out here tryna run shit. Once they get out here they see different. No one runnin shit!
I grew up on old school hip-hop. What I consider real, raw hip-hop is not what plays on the radio; unless its ol skool hour. In this case I can honestly say Suntin Xtra's mixtape Xtra Credit is one of the top 5 cds played in my car. I can dig the down south swag and vocab. Not only that but having the pleasure to sit down and really speak with him opened my eyes up to the younger generation artists coming out now. He has the talent, the stage presence, the look, and personality. All the way around Suntin Xtra is goin hard in this game!!!!!
Wednesday, June 8, 2011 • Muneca

According to Street Ways a year in jail made this young artist truly believe in his talent; allowing him to hone in on his skills and love for hip-hop.

Street Ways, formally known as Michael Ortiz was born in Blue Island, IL. and raised in Tampa, FL. Street Ways is seen as an incredibly talented performer. His stage presence speaks for itself. Having a few bumps in the road here and there has not yet stopped him from pushing to where he wants to be. According to Street Ways, a year in jail made this young artist truly believe in his talent; allowing him to hone in on his skills and love for hip-hop. As all artists usually are, he has his egotistic ways about him. He says, "If I was a DJ or a promoter I would be looking for the artist that wants to raise the bar but instead they want the guy who can raise their bar and that's not me!"
When asked about haters in the game Street Ways shrugged it off, merely saying "I will show love. Tag your shit on Facebook because I fuck with you. I will name drop and do a song with you because it's an extra respect that came with it. If you're humble around me then I will definitely be humble around you. If you show love I will definitely show love too, but haters come from all different angles I look different I sound different and that's just me."

When did you first start rhyming?

I started writing a long time ago, but by the time I got out of prison in 2007 I decided to start with "Miss America". It was just a shot in the dark, but I wanted to just get it out there that this is what I do and I'm good at it. And hopefully it was something so commercial that someone would take notice and blow me up over night.
When I was a kid, I thought that our city was going to "blow up" back in the day. Now that I see [it] I'm putting myself out there to be that nigga, I WILL be that nigga!

How does the impact on hip hop today effect the way you put yourself out there?

I live a real life and my best biography would be my songs and how they play. There are too many gimmicks. Artists have lost the element of realness. Too many people in tight clothes and shiny shit. Everybody is so decorated now a days. I'm trying to be the one that you can tell my music, personality, and swagger, will match up with who I really am.

What artist is your biggest influence today? Past?

Past- Tupac. Right around the time him and biggie died is when I stopped listening because it started getting kinda gimmick. I'm an artist myself cause its all a competition. I cant sit here and name drop because everyone is about to be my competition.

How long have you been actually performing?

2008 is when I started at Murphy's and Rice Lounge. I also opened up for 2 pistols at Strokers with Chuckie Boy, and that was my first performance. I also opened up for Paul Wall back in April.
-Only being in this game for 3 years… Do you honestly believe that you deserve the recognition as all the rest? What do you have that the fans want that other artists haven't already given them?
What does a real fan look for in an artist? Is he who he says he is? Is his talent up to par.? Is his personality? Poll people and school them on my music and guaranteed 8 out of 10 people will say I'm right about myself.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the music industry

In 5 years I'm going to be (hands over face) oh man… (silence) hmmmmm I can't really say the details. But definitely 5-6-7-8 years of hard work WILL pay off!

Who would you like to colab with in the future? Anyone!

Anyone…. Anyone? Sade! She is a great musician with a beautiful voice. She sings like Pac …used to rap. She can change her mood, and I respect her.

Ultimately what message are you putting out there with your music? If any!

You could be yourself no matter what yourself is, and be able to make it far as long as you have morals and principles. If you posses all those things then you will receive just all around respect. You can be anything you want to be in life. And that's a position of power!

Where do you draw your inspiration?

The extreme negatives that I try to make extreme positives in my life.

Have you heard of BootSlapRap.com?

I have. I see people posts on face book. Flyers. I think I seen maybe flyers around the area.
As a hip hop head, I would definitely have to say that Street Ways is an artist to look out for. Be on the lookout for his new and up-coming tracks "Find Out" and his video "Make It Love Me". You can find the video on youtube at http://youtu.be/aoeoH0BPQko.
Friday, November 5, 2010 • Eric Gomez

R.A.P.P. Quelle interview with BootSlapRap.com discussing his background in music and future goals in the indepednant music arena.

So, we decided it would be in everyone's best interest to bring some exposure to R.A.P.P. Quelle and get some insight from this all-around artist. It became obvious for me that his passion for music was just one way of expressing his general views on life. With a talent to both move people yet still maintain a level of respectable content is matched by his ability to properly assess his own position in the industry and push forward towards his goals like any real artist should.

So, on a busy day of reinstalling machines in the studio, replying to various requests for reviews and nonstop text messages that for some reason wouldn't give me a moments rest, I was able to sit down for about an hour to ask some questions in a chat session with Quelle.

BSR: So, tell us about your background in music, and your parent's contribution to it. You mentioned that they were both music lovers on your website [http://www.rappquelle.com/].

RQ: Well, I've always loved music. It was a big part of my childhood. My dad was into Sam Cook and Stevie Wonder, and my mom was always playing music when she was cooking or cleaning. My dad is a great part of how I look at music and [how I listen] for great music. We took rides together when I was growing up. He would flip through the dials where we'd listen to tons of music on our rides, no real talking; it was kind of like the songs said everything we would want to say. :)

Christmas time was always great, because my dad would get all the tapes together and set the double deck machine to play tapes back to back, and he would get up in the middle of the night to put new tapes in. Christmas times were the best because I fell asleep to music and woke up to it. Nat King Cole, Mahalia Jackson, Ray Charles.... All the greats!

I remember one time in particular I became "aware" at Xmas that my dad was making something in the kitchen and Stevie Wonder's "Someday at Christmas" was playing and I began to cry. That was one of the first times I felt the very real impact of music. I was about 9 [at that time].

BSR: So, would you say you try and make that same impact in your music?

RQ: Yes, my goal is to give you something important every time I write and entertain you. I want to leave an impact [on the listener].

BSR: Sounds good. That's important. Now, how is it being from the Bahamas and promoting music in the states?

RQ: Well, honestly, at first I used to say it was "doing the impossible;" but now with the internet market growing by the second, it's become a very real thing for me and that ironically changed and widened my focus.

I look at it like this - nothing in life that's really "worth it" is gonna come easy, so this is something I'm gonna have to work hard for and I am ready to do that. So now a great deal of my time goes to networking and making genuine connections with each body on the other side of the screen.

BSR: Now, you also mentioned being involved in photography. Does that experience shape your way of marketing your artist image at all?

RQ: Well I think it does in some way. When I was only doing photography, my favorite images were the really abstract and artistic ones... the ones that stood out. I think I try to do that in my own way with my image as a recording artist now :)

BSR: What do you consider as major influences of your music besides the old school music? What of the 80's and up era stood out to you?

RQ: One of my strongest influences as a writer comes from Brandon Boyd of Incubus.Around 13 or 14, I'd say was when the whole Hip Hop love came for me. The videos used to come on TV and I'd record them on a VHS tape and play them back [in order to] write out the lyrics of the songs so I could know them in and out. I started writing down lyrics from KRS-One, Rakim, and then later DMX and Busta Rhymes.

My biggest Hip Hop influence at that time was Tupac, and it wasn't the "gangsta" image that had me; it was WHAT he was saying. I felt connected like I could live every word of it and feel all of what he said. He helped me to understand the importance of the words behind the songs and why things should have a meaning in Hip Hop.

BSR: So do you feel your music has that movement of feeling personally, or do you see yourself as "getting there"?

RQ: I think it hits and misses. My goal now is to find the best way of getting people to understand the whole [concept] of the art. With so much music coming out, why should someone take time to understand the meaning behind every bar? So I guess am getting there. (HAHA)

BSR: So, how do you feel about being compared to other artists?

RQ: Well, I take it as a compliment...Ya know? I think it's good for people to be able to say "Hey , you remind me of ..Etc etc" and still be able to stand on your own with your own artistic dogma.

BSR: So, do you think that helps or hinders your overall image? Sometimes artists feel the need to break away from that.

RQ: I think if you don't feed into it and give the listeners as much of your "true self" as possible your individuality will shine through. But if you use that to gain more support it's a career killer.

BSR: What do you feel is one of the best things about doing music independently?

RQ: Besides freedom...LOL (jokes). Well, I think it's great to be able to say what you want to say, and how you want to say it. The ability to give your listeners the full expression of your art is priceless.

BSR: What are some of the challenges you encounter, and how do you address those?

RQ: Well, I think something that challenges a lot of Indie acts is money, and this is where the internet has become such an invaluable tool for my team. There is so many free ways to get the word out, and you can pick and choose for yourself what is worth paying [for].

You can create your core with virtually no start-up cash, and with the new age of DIRECT TO FAN networking, the fans now can support you in more ways than just going to your show and buying a CD. With online branding I've been able to meet one of my biggest challenges head on, and I feel consistency will only improve this.

BSR: Sounds like you know your marketing :) So, who all run's the R.A.P.P. Quelle brand from behind the scenes?

RQ: No disrespect to your job at hand, but I think there is strength in my team being "behind the scenes," so I think I'll just leave it as that. People like BootSlapRap.com help [us] push the brand :)

BSR: Fair enough! :) What's one lesson you would be willing to share with all our readers out there, artist or fan?

RQ: well, it's not really a lesson, but more of a quote I go by in a lot of situations that helps me to remember I can never learn enough.

"The man that knows something, knows that he knows nothing at all"

BSR: True indeed, one of my favorites as well. So, what's in your Media Player rotation these days?

RQ: Brand New Heavies, Joe Budden's "Mood Muzik 4", Funkadelic's "America Eats Its Young", Tony McKay's "Exuma", Jamiroquai, and some snippets of Jaco Pastorius' "Live Shows with Weather Report"

BSR: Any other words you have for our readers or shout outs?

RQ: Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and i hope you enjoy the music. Shout out to everyone living their dreams and those trying to get there :)

Official Website: http://rappquelle.com
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