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Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive Interviews

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 • Eric Gomez

After catching up with Rook Da Rukus, we finally got some words from him on life, music and future plans as well as old connects. Check out the video and share the link with your friends and social networks.

Friday, July 1, 2011 • Muneca

I like making people feel like I'm really talking to them. Like if you walk down the street and trip on a rock I'm going to walk down the street and trip on a rock too. I like to make people feel like we are going through this together.

Suntin' Xtra, definitely brings all that and more to the stage! Born and raised in Tampa, FL, David Hill knew that music was his passion. At 21, this young artist has grabbed and kept the attention of the south's hip-hop community. Seeing Suntin Xtra perform definitely gives you that "wow" factor. He has so much energy on stage; yet in person his humbled attitude is amazing. "I rather talk about what happened instead of what's going to happen!" Life experiences allows him to make hits such as "Cant stop fuckin wit ma nigga". His mixtape "Xtra Credit" gives you the very best of southern swag! Suntin Xtra is definitely a performer that is a MUST see! Be on the look for this young artist because he is closing in hard!

When did you first start rhyming?

The first time I started pushing my rapping skills was when I was 18 years old.

What or who would you say is your biggest influence to date?

Cassidy. I like his punch lines. I like how he makes people say ooo and ahh. I like the way people look at me when I rap. I like making people laugh. Ya'll gotta give them that WOW factor! Entertainment at its best!

Where do you draw your inspiration for your songs?

All my songs come from real life situations. People that I know, situations that they are in and situations that I have been in. I like making people feel like I'm really talking to them. Like if you walk down the street and trip on a rock I'm going to walk down the street and trip on a rock too. I like to make people feel like we are going through this together.

In your song "I can't stop fuckin with my nigga" who was your inspiration?

Lamont Mayfield people call him Lil Money, Bro Boy and Prophet.
That song was made for them.

What are some of your favorite artists?

I like Prophet, Young A.J, Tom G, B.O.B, 2 Pac, Chris Brown's "Beautiful People" and Plies.

What message are you putting out there with your music?

I was one of those kids who never said how I felt… I always held back. I used to play football and I held back from that too. But when I do music I feel like I can let it all out. For the kids I want them to know that they don't need to be scared to do or say stuff. I want them to know that they can do anything. Overall I can do this too nigga… I can do this too!

Who if any are you trying to collaborate with?

Iceberg. Because he sounds like he be chillin and down to earth. He sounds like the people I chill with. The way he talks, it sounds like me and my dawgs.

Are there any past experiences that you draw from for your songs?

I was in a car accident in 2006. The car flipped twice and we hit a pole. Like Cassidy. I had stitches all in my head. "4 stitches in my ear, 40 in my knuckle, 5 staples in my head". The front part of my head was all burned off and I wasn't wearin a seatbelt. The ambulance sat me down and I closed my eyes and I stood up and started pacing and rapping. The EMT's were telling me to sit down cause I had lost too much blood. I realized at that moment that I'm supposed to be here and imma do something while I'm here. Life is to short.

What sets you apart from all the artists in Tampa? What do you bring to the table that you feel others can't?

I think it's my energy, my stage performance, and my lyrics. LMAO I bring that energy, THE FIRE, I bring humbleness with the cockiness to the table. AKA TANG

When you get on stage to perform, what are you giving to the crowd? Tell me about all that energy!

When I get on stage you may not know it but I'm scared, I'm nervous. In one of my songs I say, if you aint gon show, show out aint no point in showin up. I wanna give you everything, I wanna make you come back. I be real considerate about the crowd. I wanna give a good performance! I don't want them thinking "oh man not another local rapper mad boring"

When I first saw you I thought that you would be just another cocky ass rapper and as surprised as I am your very humble! Where does that come from?

Me, being humble comes from the fear of not making it. Not making it to the top and not getting signed. What if I put my all into this and nothing happens? What now? I rather talk about what happened instead what's gon' to happen. That's why I am that humble, because there is always that fear of it not happenin. Not saying it won't happen but imma go HARD!.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years? Most rappers would say I would be on TV with a number one hit single la da dada.. but honestly I don't know…

Where do you WANT TO be… in 5 years?

I wanna be the number one featured artist. I wanna have 2 songs on 106th and Park (Numbers 3 and 7) and I wanna be financially stable. I don't want money to be a problem.

How do you feel about the older heads and competition in the hip hop game?

I feel like states come here like Atlanta. Tampa I don't like how it is. I understand how everyone wants to be the top dog of Tampa. It would be best for everyone to just come out and do it for the city. I feel like the old school rappers should come out and show the new school rappers how to do it. They don't know how to take good competition. We live right around the corner from each other there is no reason to be hot. I feel like you comin out here lookin for something, you gon get what you ask for. Niggas come out here tryna run shit. Once they get out here they see different. No one runnin shit!
I grew up on old school hip-hop. What I consider real, raw hip-hop is not what plays on the radio; unless its ol skool hour. In this case I can honestly say Suntin Xtra's mixtape Xtra Credit is one of the top 5 cds played in my car. I can dig the down south swag and vocab. Not only that but having the pleasure to sit down and really speak with him opened my eyes up to the younger generation artists coming out now. He has the talent, the stage presence, the look, and personality. All the way around Suntin Xtra is goin hard in this game!!!!!
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